About the Family Time Machine

In 2014, archeologists were called to the scene of a very peculiar discovery at an undislosed location. Based on their investigation, it appears a machine has been traveling back and forth through the past, present, and future, inspiring families to learn, wonder, explore, and play together.

They call it the Family Time Machine.


The Family Time Machine™ is fueled by your family's imagination! It recharges its batteries when your family turns moments of togetherness into family time by learning, imagining, and playing together! Check out the video below to meet Dr. Nowandthen and learn more about how it works!

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the Family Time Machine will inspire you to do more learning and have more fun. Most importantly, it will give you a chance to do that with the people who matter most - your family!

Family Time Machine and Toyota Family Learning are programs brought to you by the National Center for Families Learning with the funding and partnership of Toyota .

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