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Stay out bad dreams

I read peaceful books to my daughters before to bed. I don't read scary books and I told them, "imagine your favorite place, think of the people who care about you, also try to thinking goods thoughts," and I gave them a favorite stuffed animal or blanket.

I learned if I read to my daughters every day, they have more vocabulary and they think and use their imagination and we have a good communication and enjoy it.


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Sounds fun ,, Thank you for tell me a new strategy to get out bad dreams...

The Mejia Family Nov 30, 2015

Grerat I did the same with my child and it works se well. He learns and enjoys all the books and the time we have together.

Saavedra Nov 30, 2015

You have great ideas to stay out bad dreams. Thank you for sharing.

carolina Dec 14, 2015

I did this last time and I continues do it most all the time with my older son and every night before he go in to the bed I told him and now he doesn't have bad dreams. Thanks for the idea.