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Imagination Vacation!

What if you were going on vacation today instead of to school or work? Where would you want to go? Who would go with you? How long would you stay? What is the weather like there? What kinds of activities would you do? What types of things would you need to pack in your suitcase? Talk about all the parts of your imagination vacation with your family and see if different people would want to visit different places. If you had to pack a suitcase for each person's trip, which items would be the same and which would be different?

This is a great way to practice describing where you would want to go and think about important information for that place, like weather and things to do.  Planning what to pack also helps you to make choices based on the information that you learn.

Sometimes vacations can happen at home or in your hometown! Check out What Would You Do on a Staycation? to learn more.


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