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Start Your Day Off Right-With Dinner!

Change your usual dinner menu to a breakfast meal. Prepare whatever your family likes to have for breakfast and eat it for dinner. While you are eating, pretend that it is already tomorrow morning, and talk about what you need and want to do during the day. Discuss where you will go, any big assignments or meetings you will have, and the goals you plan to achieve.

When your family makes a practice of thinking about tomorrow before it comes, you will be in a much better situation to achieve those goals you set with success. As you do this, you learn to create priorities and understand the difference between what you need and what you want.

Even when you have dinner food for dinner time, it can be a big help to plan for the next day while your family can give you advice or offer to help.  Make a placemat with the days of the week on it, and write your plans for tomorrow there while you discuss them. As a bonus, your placemat of plans will be there when you sit down for breakfast tomorrow. Since your plan for the day is already ready, just review it, and then you will have time to wonder “Why Do We Call It Breakfast?” 


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Freeman/Henderson Mar 11, 2014

I used to do have breakfast for dinner when my girls were younger. They thought it was fun and different. We did it often to save money. I wish I had thought to plan ahead as suggested. I will do this with my grandchildren the next time I visit for an extended time. what fun!

Family Time Machine Mar 13, 2014

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Freeman/Henderson Family! We can't wait to hear about future dinner adventures with your grandchildren!

SHIRLEY MOORE Sep 17, 2014

Me and my grandson love to do a middle-of-the-day breakfast, which is a lot of fruits.

Family Time Machine Sep 19, 2014

That's great, Moore Family! What is your grandson's favorite fruit? Do you do anything to make this kind of meal special?

SHIRLEY MOORE Oct 13, 2014

My grandson's favorite fruit is bananas. He would eat them all day if he could.

Family Time Machine Oct 16, 2014

Thanks for sharing, Shirley!