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Stretch Your Family Time

Families have a lot of excitement and commitments in their lives that sometimes make it hard to fall asleep quickly. Why not try unwinding together before bedtime tonight? Start getting ready for bed about 15 minutes early. Then learn a few new stretches together or try out some beginning yoga poses. Remember to breathe deeply and let your body relax, and you will feel ready to sleep well.

It is important for families to spend time relaxing together, just like it is important to be active together.  The time you spend together creates a stronger family bond, and you will learn more about how your body gets ready for sleep.

Are you wondering “What is Yoga?” You can see a short video here. Try taking turns with a different person in charge of stretching time each night. The leader finds a new stretch for everyone to try and shows the family how to do it.


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SHIRLEY MOORE Sep 17, 2014

We walk up and down the stairs around the house.

Family Time Machine Sep 19, 2014

It's a good way to work out some nighttime energy! Who gets tired first at your house?